With the beginning of another school year, many of us will be sending our “babies” off to school for the first time (insert tears here).  While starting school is an exciting milestone, that big first day can be a little scary for kids and leave parents dealing with mixed emotions (trust me, you’re not alone girl).

But! Don’t worry we got you covered.

Keep reading for some great practical tips that will help make the first day of school something you both look forward to.

  1. Read A Book Or Two – A quick online search will leave you with a ton of options for getting- ready-for-school books that you and your child can read together. This is a great way to help them learn what to expect at school. Plus it can help spark conversations about any fears your child may have about going to school.
  2. Shop for Back-To-School Together – Although it may seem easier to go alone when school shopping for younger kids, it’s worth bringing them with you. Letting them pick out some of their new school supplies, clothes, and book bag will make them more excited about school and putting these items to use.
  3. A Special Outfit – That all-important first-day-of-school outfit is a big deal to kids! So let them show off their style and individuality by having them pick out their own outfit (with a little help) the night before. It will make them eager to get up and get dressed in the morning, and feel confident walking into class.
  4. A #NewDo (hyperlink to style page) – Even as a little girl getting your hair done plays a big part in feeling good and confident. So take time to give her a fun new hairstyle for her first day of school. Just For Me Leave-In Detangler (hyperlink) and Curl Smoother (hyperlink) are great for styling your little ladies hair, plus it will leave it smelling amazing. Oh and don’t forget to finish off her new hairstyle by laying those edges down using the Smooth Edges Cream. I recommend using a toothbrush for this {just trust me on this one}.
  5. Get Some Alone Time – Wake up a little earlier than usual so you get some alone time to relax, relate, and release (name the show LOL) while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea before you wake them up. Kids take their cues from adults, so being calm with a positive attitude will help ease their anxiety.
  6. Let Your Child Pick A Special Breakfast – This tip came directly from my daughter. Therefore I have it on good authority that making your child’s favorite breakfast on the first day of school will make them feel special. They’ll start the school year off with a full belly and a smile on their little face.
  7. Lights Camera Action – Last but not least, make them feel special by snapping plenty of photos and taking some videos. Share this big milestone with friends and family. It will be great having the support and encouragement of your loved ones, and other moms who’ve been there and done that. Bonus Tip: Search Pinterest for a free first day of school photo sign. It’s an easy way to create a keepsake photo for the first day of school. You can also use them annually as a back to school tradition. You’ll be surprised how much they grow from year to year when you look back at the all the first day of school photos.

My final piece of advice to parents whose kids are starting school this year is simply this: Slow down, be in the moment, and give yourself and your child some grace as you navigate this new territory. This is a time of transition, not just for them but for us parents as well. And ultimately, they will survive their first day and so will you (pinky promise)!


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