Just for  Me® Has the Secret to Easy Care for Kid’s Kinks, Coils & Curls

Just for Me® Has the Secret to Easy Care for Kid’s Kinks, Coils & Curls

Since 1992 Just for Me® has been a children’s hair care brand singularly focused on making life easier for moms and their kids. As we continue to evolve with our consumer, we remain committed to easy hair care – no matter the style. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our latest offering for kid’s kinks, coils and curls, NEW Just For Me® Curl Peace™.

Specially made for girls AND boys, Just for Me® Curl Peace™ takes the stress out of styling so tug resistant, tender-heads can get back to the fun and games. Formulated with gentle ingredients like Shea Butter, Raw Honey and Marshmallow Root Extract, Just for Me® Curl Peace™ leaves kid’s kinks, coils and curls tangle free, moisturized and soft.

Just for Me® Curl Peace™ features eight products free of mineral oil, petrolatum and parabens for easier wash days, added moisture and gentle, longer lasting styles.

Wash Day: Our 3-step routine for tug resistant tender heads formulated with Marshmallow Root, Aloe Vera, Raw Honey and Cocoa Butter

  1. Tender Head Detangling Treatment 12oz – Adds slip to eliminate tugging and pulling for easy glide detangling pre-shampoo, makes wash day faster.

  2. Ultimate Detangling Shampoo 12oz – Rich, non-stripping lather gently cleanses young hair and scalps, leaves kinks, coils and curls soft and detangled.

  3. Ultimate Detangling Conditioner 12 oz – Nourishing cream conditions natural kinks, coils and curls while adding slip for easy detangling and softer hair.

Added Moisture: Nourishing products to promote healthy moisture for hair and scalp, formulated with Grapeseed Oil, Shea Butter and Castor Oil

  1. 5-In-1 Wonder Spray 8oz – This multi-benefit leave-in detangles, nourishes, reduces frizz and adds shine all while protecting against heat for Girls and Boys (puts the “L” in L.O.C. or L.C.O)

  2. Nourishing Hair & Scalp Butter 4oz – This rich butter nourishes and soothes the scalp while hydrating hair and sealing in moisture for girls and boys (puts the “O” in L.O.C. or L.C.O.)

Gentle Styling: Our gentle styling products work hard to hold styles in place, formulated with Flaxseed, Avocado and Castor Oils

  1. Defining Curl & Coil Cream 12oz – Hydrates and defines natural kinks, coils and curls for girls and boys (puts the “C” on L.O.C. or L.C.O)

  2. Smoothing Ponytail & Edge Control 5.5oz – For effortless puffs and ponytails that stay put.

  3. Braiding & Twisting Grip Glaze 5.5oz – For easier to style, longer lasting cornrows and flat twists.

We believe everyone who uses Just for Me® Curl Peace™ will enjoy happier hair days with less tangles and no tears. Check out www.curlpeace.com and follow @justformehair on Instagram and Facebook to learn more.